Seth Godin: The baron of buzz

Seth GodinA marketeer, A blogger, A Speaker and A Great Writer

That why he deserve the title "The baron of buzz" on the article "One-man brands" by Business 2.0 Magazine.

He was the founder of Yoyodyne, the first direct marketer on the Internet, which was acquired by Yahoo! in 1998. Godin served as Vice President of Direct Marketing for Yahoo! That is before he leaving early in 2000 to devote time to writing and speaking.

This man is my Idol, a Seth Godin brand image never miss his bald head, away from outsite the books store we can recognize Seth books by it cover, his bald head and his big titled name on his book covers.

And you know what, godin over almost 200,000 readers for free download of his "Permission Marketing" book, and two year later, "Unleashing the Ideavirus" a manual for creating buzz was downloaded for free by 3000 people (at only the first day of his free download book).

And his blog is fenomenal, , seth blog has become a sounding board for new ideas for the latest ideas updated.

I like this man a lot, that what i call an iconic brand!

Download for free Unleashing the Ideavirus and spread it to the world or you can buy the papper back version on Amazon

others Seth Godin Books Available:

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