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You Should have a Blog!


No matter how busy you are, have no time to do it is not an excuse, because blog can helps your business or event better a blog can helps you as a well-known brand!.

Maybe the first though on you mind is “it’s crazy, i have no time to do such a lot of articles”, so don’t worry , because you dont need a lot of articles to makes your blog usefull.

Think about, how if you can make a single post of articles, that say clearly and event better if you can update it well. More you post and update it, more knowledge and insight inspiring your articles. And more people knowing you as a personal brand and your professional services.

Then why not having a blog right now!? :)

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6 Responses to “You Should have a Blog!”

  1. Dan Schawbel says:

    Great points. The only thing that can stop someone to having a blog is the time element. It’s an investment but pays off in the long-term.

  2. catur pw says:

    Yes, agree. But i am pretty sure that if we can manage our time wisely, there will be no difficulty on writing a single quality post and event better update it with most recent knowledge by your own perceptions.

    Yes it is a long-term investment on Building our Personal Branding Image. :)

  3. Dan Schawbel says:

    It’s worth it because it allows you to reach across borders and meet new people who share similar ideas.

  4. OrangeMood says:

    Kalau menurut saya, tergantung tujuan dan “cara” bloging sendiri… blog bisa membawa sesuatu yang baik, bisa juga buruk, sama seperti hal lainnya…

    Blog bisa membuat anda terkenal karena baik, bisa juga terkenal karena “kurang” baik… sebagai contoh ada beberapa orang yang “lupa” berpikir negatif dan menuangkan di blognya, hasilnya?… bisa ditebak…

    Dan sebaliknya, ada orang yang membantu orang lain lewat blognya, hasilnya juga membawa sesuatu yang positif ke empunya…

    Not a must, but good optional… :)

  5. Septi says:

    If you want your brand image spread widely and more faster, then a blog really a good option. As long as this option are related with your branding strategy as a part of your IMC (Integrated Marketing Communication) Strategy. Nice post 😉

  6. catur pw says:

    Yes correct, a blog with relevant good content can be a very good IMC Media. It represent your business online.

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