Traditional Advertising triggers Online Search

Traditional Advertising triggers Online Search

More than 90% of shoppers use the internet to research products before making final purchase decisions, but consumers said they were motivated to begin an online search only after viewing traditional forms of advertising such as magazine, newspaper and television ads.

This, according to a recent analysis of BIGresearch’s Simultaneous Media Survey conducted for the Retails Advertising  and Marketing Association. The surveym which measured consumption across media and retail channels by more than 15,000 consumers, was conducted in November and December 2006.

Michael Fielding
Staff Writer MARKETING NEWS Magazine
base on Source BIGresearch, LLC. Washington, Ohio

Then what happend on third country? just like Indonesia?

well, it started with cheap internet provider flooding the market here, that will bring improvement on consumer online behavior. Print Media, Radios and Television for third country already lead the way of advertising. This Medias will never Die. But consumer are eager and need more details information.

Well supported technology and provider made new media (online) growing rapidly.
Growing country people are more aware with this new media, and get used to be a new amusing habit.

As result, when they triggers by Print Media/Radios/Television Ads, they will continue searching the information online to strengthen their decision.

Then i think it soon will happened on third Country that "Traditional Advertising triggers Online Search"

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2 thoughts on “Traditional Advertising triggers Online Search”

  1. because our mindset about internet is when you need information about something, search at internet… and of course that is one of internet benefit…

  2. It’s about human habits. When it was found transistor, a radio are become a star. But after we found TV, and they easily to get and cheap too, suddenly people changing start often watching better than listening. The Radio doesn’t die, but it less listener compared before TV come.

    So i am pretty sure that when it come to surfing habits, there will change people habits too, especially when internet give us all we need (e.g streaming tv and radio, cheap internet and hi-speed), there will be another change on human habits.

    But all this medias are supported by each other. It have their own benefits. And I think traditional medias will never die. 😉

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