Personal Branding Checklist to gain success in your business

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Main Purpose of personal branding is to marketing and selling yourself as a brand. To gain your ultimate success in life. It is continual process to recognize who you really are.

When i read Jesse Randall Warden article in it makes me think more. And more day i finish more i realize that branding myself is can not be avoided. It;s extremely important base on fact that globalization are in the house. I must be able to compete with others during my professionalism expertise on online branding.

Here are the personal branding checklist that must be done by all of us as a Personal Brand!

  1. Know what you want: Identify what you want, and start walking toward it.
  2. Be able to articulate what you do: When someone asks what you do, answer them immediately with a clear, concise, and confident response.
  3. Elevator pitch: Be able to describe who you are and what you do in the time it takes to ride an elevator.
  4. Be positive: Be positive.
  5. Business card: A 3×5 piece of paper or mini-CD that has your personal contact information clearly printed on it.
  6. Have a blog / Website / MySpace, or other online presence: Get your brand online.
  7. Multiple e-mail addresses: Get more than one e-mail address.
  8. Phone: Get a phone.
  9. Signature: Your signature is who you are, your title, and your contact information. You should put this on everything you touch.
  10. Logo: A visual image that positively identifies your brand.
  11. Personal goals: Set goals for yourself that help you reach what you want.
  12. More than one resume: Customize your resume to the potential employer or client.
  13. Mentor: Find a guru and have them teach you.
  14. Networking outlets / contacts: Continually develop your network by attending industry meetings and conferences.
  15. Wardrobe style: When you are going to be near people who you wish to sell your brand to, dress to impress.
  16. Multiple IM accounts: Get more than one IM account.
  17. Alias: Obtain a positive nickname.
  18. Mantra: Collect sayings that enforce your brand.
  19. Speaking and PowerPoint template: Speak about what you do and have a hot-looking PowerPoint template to show.
  20. Passion: Love what you do.

Thorough Definitions
You can get more thorough in our definitions, by reading Web 2.0 – Personal Branding Checklist

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