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As a personal brand you need to tell everyone about youself, about your services dan about your expertise. It is a basic need to build your brand image.

You need to communicate with your audience, by communicate with others, you will gain good impact as: people will understand about you. People will notice your expertise. People will get the message of your brand image.

Here some ways to communicate your personal brand:

1. by Name Card
Makes sure that your brand can be well presented from these small printed media. You need to choose the best content to introduce your self. Name, Title, Your Services, Address, and phone number must be bold explained. Choose your design that re-present your character, it’s help other to receive your personal.

2. by Website
A website are your brand ambassador, it should be feel unique and highlighted your uniqeness. A website should communicate what you are all about, and give visitors a sense of your key values and expertise.

3. by Blog
A Blog can be a great way for you to position yourself in the eyes of your customer or prospecting-customers. To be a succesfull communication tools, through blog you can you consistently communicate your personal message about its value. The blog is developed to build trust and it must be personal. Great articles about what to do on starting a blog to sell yourself “How to Build Your Personal Brand Through Your Blog” by Darren Rowse (

4. by Published Articles
Your thought and ideas published on magazine, newspaper or others printed medias can deliver people to well-known your brand. Just makes sure when you create a published articles, you put your pointed address to explain who you are. It can be title, a blog site address or a website address. Publised articles can be trhough online media too such as a professional blog and expert rich-content website.

5. by Social Network
Todays social network are rule the web, it is the user interactivity phase, a niche social networks can be used to build up your presence in a larger communities. A lot of smaller sites offer tools that will let you incorporate additional content that’s important for branding purposes, as well as ways to manage your overall web presence, offering compatible tie-ins with larger networks ~ Building a Brand Through Social Networks

6. by Traditional Networking
Interact with your community offline. Update with newest knowledge on the community. Get wider friend and relation network.

7. by Public Speaking
Sepak Out Now! “A great way to enhance your visibility and communicate your Brand is through public speaking. Presentations are most effective when they are authentic, delivered with your true voice, your true personal Brand. Volunteer for speaking opportunities at your office or with professional organizations.” Speak For Yourself: 10 Ways To Communicate Your Personal Brand William Arruda

Start building your personal brand right now,
Start to communicate with your target audience!

How to build my personal branding?

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