Scott: The Guy with Name Tag

Scott Ginsberg: The Guy with Name TagImagine that some stranger Say “hi Scott!”,”How are you Scott”, “How do you do, Scott”. And then they starting to make a Little or more conversation with Scott.

It was Scott Ginsberg that wears name tag for a friendlier society. 24/7 a day, never put it off, event he got a name tag tattoo on his chest! And after that decision, the world change for Scott. there’s a friendlier ambiance around him.

Scott wore name tag since November 2, 2000, at the first 6 month his friend avoiding him because they think Scott is going insane, but after a year passing, they realize that is Cool.

Something unusual happens around Scott, that might not predicted before by Scott himself. That people are become curious to know more about him after they read the name tag that he wear.

I think this is most brilliant idea to put on. By origin, people doesn’t start to get into conversation, because they don’t know about the opposite people for talking. By knowing the name of the people, it can eager us to start a new conversation as simple as “Hi Scott!”

That is a good start of personal brand building!

Good work Scott! And Hello… My Name is Catur! Please to meet you all my blog readers 🙂

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