Meet Mr. Philip Kotler: The Father of Marketing

Kotler comes to Jakarta, to attend his seminar and events, ASEAN Forum 2007, Philip Kotler Publik Institutonal Dinner Night on Marketing Indonesia 3.0, and some other formal institutional events. All hosted by MarkPlus, Inc.
I am as part of MarkPlus, Inc. I meet him in the flesh. Very excited!

Philip Kotler with MarkPlus, Inc. Consulting Division. That’s Me! Behind Kotler and Jacky (Head of Consulting, MarkPlus&Co, a Division of MarkPlus, Inc.)

My Boss, Hermawan Kartajaya (Founder of MarkPlus&Co, CEO of MarkPlus, Inc. President of World Marketing Association) and Philip Kotler (Father of Marketing) take picture in front of their potrait painting, at MarkPlus, Inc. Office.

Read more about Hermawan Kartajaya and Philip Kotler at Philip Kotler Center for ASEAN Marketing
Photo’s credit by Riefa Istamar

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