Talking Personal Branding with Dan Schawbel (a special interview)

Dan Schawbel - A Personal Branding SpecialistThis month, August 2007, i got this special online interview with Dan Schawbel, a 23 year old marketing consultant, business owner, web designer, and market strategist, he’s satisfying clients such as Reebok, Lycos, LoJack, and TechTarget Prior to EMC2 in 2006. He has owned a web design business,

His Very Special interest on personal branding, this is the way i found his blog. as you know, I am recently interested to develop my own personal branding image, to introduce who i am to my friends, clients and others professionals arround the globe. while sharing with others about personal branding. Then i start to know about Schawbel, and become his loyal blog readers. And now He is my best friend at online neighbourhood, he open my mind a wide-open about personal branding, he just like my mentor on my personal branding development.

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On august 1, 2007 Schawbel launches a personal branding magazine, that developed from many Great Contribution from Great Peoples, such as Guy Kawasaki, Neil Patel, Lyn Chamberlin and others Great Authors. And he donating the magazine proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

And take a don’t you miss to read also, his great articles Successful Networking Through Personal Branding on and Personal Branding – Changing the Game on

Schawbel is a personal branding force of nature. And force of nature isn’t just meant metaphorically.
Even though Schawbel works full-time in marketing for EMC2 , he manages to find time to comment on virtually every personal branding blog.
Wendy Marx • Public Relations/Marketing Communications • President, Marx Communications, Inc. taken from Fast Company Blog

And here is my Interview with Dan Schawbel, i hope it can deliver a great perspective to you about how important a personal branding is, just like he did it to me. Enjoy!

Catur.) Why you so interested on this personal branding topic? and what’s so important with it?

Dan.) Personal Branding will soon become a requirement for the recruitment process. I am a product of Personal Branding, as I planned a strategy during college to build my brand and I communicated it during interviews. Personal Branding is about uncovering your inner strengths and driving towards a successful career. Your brand, in essence, is your personality, competencies, appearance and differentiation all in one. Those who follow this concept will have a competitive advantage in the job market.

Catur.) Everybody have a unique personal branding, but not everybody can figure out what is unique about them. How do we find out what’s unique about us and how’s you find yours?

Dan.) The first step in Personal Branding is discovery. In order to build your brand, you must know your interests, career aspirations, strengths, weaknesses and resources. One method I’ve used in the past to help another discover their brand was to hold a brainstorm session, where they took a few hours to write down everything on their mind pertaining to these categories. After you’ve gone through this session, you can start connecting the dots and form a development plan. I also found mine through the same method.

Catur.) What do you think about blogging and what is it so important for your Personal Brand?

Dan.) Blogging is the quintessential piece of your online Personal Brand. I say this because it’s the best medium to convey exactly who you are through writing on a specific topic. Blogging allows you to take a stand on a topic and engage in a conversation surrounding it, while building a network of like-minded individuals.

Catur.) Many people are new on blogging, and others people are not familiar with it, and even some think blogging is a waste of time. What do you say about this fact?

Dan.) Blogging is not for everyone Catur. Rather, it is for those that have genuine passion on a given subject and will invest their time to write about it on an ongoing basis. Those that are not interested should not put time into it because they will receive nothing on the other end. The more you put into something, the more you will receive.

Catur.) Blogging is about telling other peoples about yourself and delivering your brand message to your customers. Some personal blogs are written by the blog owner, but others are written by his or her employees. On this case, do you think it is matter of who’s writing the content of the blog with the impact of successful/ unsuccessful to deliver your personal branding message to customers?

Dan.) That is a very interesting question. It really depends on your personal and business objectives. If you are looking to invest more in the personal brands behind your organization or if you want to be the voice of the company. Either is fine, as long as you match the needs of your customers, to your needs and then to your business requirements. I prefer a blog written by me only because I don’t have a Personal Branding business.

Catur.) When someone posts an entry in their blog it might cause an acceptance or a rejection from a visitor. How’s do you handle this and can it impact your personal brand image?

Dan.) You can’t be everything to everyone. The first rule of Personal Branding is to be authentic, which means that you have to be yourself no matter what a given situation calls for. If your visitor rejects your post by writing a comment, I think it adds to the discussion. If they dislike your blog in general, they will most likely discard it anyways. The goal in building a community around your ideas is to recruit those that have genuine interest in you and your blog.

Catur.) After you made a blog and develop original content on it, what’s a good next step to make it noticed by other professionals?

Dan.) I think the next step for you is to start following other blogs that have similar posts and to comment on those posts. The more you give, the more you get in return.

Catur.) How’s important it is for developing my personal branding online by engaging in Social Networking sites? How do I find the right social networking site to fit my personal brand?

Dan.) After you develop your brand, you want others to know about it. Remember it’s all about creating compelling content and then communicating that material to others. You could be the most intelligent person in the world, but if no one knows about it, then it doesn’t matter. Join social networks like facebook and linkedin that have the highest installed base and channels to showcase your talent both professionally and personally.

Catur.) Can you give your advice on what strategy we should have for start developing our unique personal brand? For a beginner blogger or establish professional blogger to improve their personal branding?

Dan.) Before you rush into anything, discover your brand. Create a personal value statement and take a position in a niche market. There are millions of blogs out there, so if you don’t be specific, you will be lost (unless you already have an established brand like Donald Trump). You can always improve your brand, which is why the last step in Personal Brand building is “maintain”, which means as you grow, your online brand should grow. This means you should constantly update your information online, both in social communities and in your own blog.

Take a look at to another interview with Schawbel, Global Marketing, Six Sigma, and The Donald: An Interview with 23-Year-Old Personal Branding Expert Daniel Schawbel at

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  3. Wow, amazing, Catur! I think the content and style of your blog is world-class! Interesting topics on discussion, and you actually bring in inputs from international renowned figures. Really great job what you’re doing here – spreading the importance on marketing to the local community and beyond. As a foreigner staying in Jakarta for more than 10 months now, I think Indonesia has much beauty and charm , but much too less Marketing. So far only Bali and negative aspects have been made known to the world..There are many more ways to find differentiation in its cities/villages that tourists/traders/investors might like. For example, I have never seen another city in Southeast Asia with as many grand public statues as Jakarta. And also its office buildings in CBD area are really innovative-different from the usual office buildings in Singapore/Malaysia/BKK, etc. I am also aware that Queen Amidala (Star Wars) was created by George Lucas based on his inspiration from the Javanese culture! Imagine what a story this can tell about the rich cultures of Indo! But, unfortunately not many know about this, and therefore, a missed potential leverage.

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