Tips to choose your “link love” partners

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Link Love is an unsolicited a link post between sites or blogs that you enjoy about it, admire it or you personaly find useful for you and for other people who might visit the site.

Everyone knows that links are great for our blog popularity and ranking, in order to get the top position on search engine result.

You see, More links means more traffic, increased page rank, and have a deep indexing on search engine. And there is no barrier between your blog and search engine top result.

Link love creating an evangelists community to increase your blog popularity, it’s good if their blog topics is the same as your blog topics, but it’s will not made any significant impact if the blog topics is way different from yours. And event worse, it might harm your blog popularity if we do a link love with a banned blog.
Just remember, not all links are good for our blog, we must be clever to choose link quality over link quantity.

Here a simple tips to choose your link love partners:

  1. Find a related topics blogs (check the blog at, and make sure the tags shows the same topics with yours)
  2. Makes sure the blog address is not banned by search engine. ( Check their search engine recognization by typing the full address of the blog into search engine, and if it shows some result, then it’s ok to be choosen as link love partner. )
  3. All inbound link are great for link love. (it’s driving traffics to our blog)
  4. Higher Page Rank blog give us a bigger link love, you can check the page rank of website/ blog from

ok, i hope this can helps, any additional tips? you’re welcome to add below

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7 thoughts on “Tips to choose your “link love” partners”

  1. Blogmu ini keren artikelnya, tapi pusing gimana cara ngasih komen.
    Thanks buat informasinya.
    Link buat aku nggak terlalu penting.
    Soalnya ya gitu, ngeblog cuman buat having faun aja mas.
    Blogmu terlalu ramai. jadi pusing deh

  2. Sorry could not find your contact details. Hard to believe I know but you could submit a 500 word article and get 120 backlinks from 40 blogs and increase your Technorati authority in just 24 hours for only $25.00 a savings of over $175 if you were to order from ReviewMe. Don’t take my word for it check it out for yourself on my blog at the url below and see what over 60 other bloggers have said!!

    Jason Neuman

  3. @ndoro kakung
    waaah suatu kehormatan dikunjungi ndoro, salah satu celeblogist indonesia, semoga ga bosen baca artikelku yg amburadul ini 😛
    hehe.. saking amburadul jadi ada berbagai macam bahasa di komentarnya, inggris, indonesia dan boso jowo. thengkyu alias matur nuwun dan ojo bosen-bosen berkunjung ndoro :)

    mba evelyn, sorry karena saya masih statusnya bloger blajaran, jadi masih banyak kekurangan diblog saya, seiring waktu akan saya perbaiki biar lebih nyaman dibaca, 😀 makasih dah mampir dan ngasih komen, serta met kenal yo mba 😛

    Thanks for the info

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