Kutukutubuku.com faced a new horizon

It is not easy to create an online business, it is need a lot of hard work and strong dedications.
Ollie, Christine and Angel started kutukutubuku.com on 2006, they start it while working in well-known IT consultant company.

But now, as business growing, kutukutubuku.com need more attentions, and as result Ollie and Angel choose to well-resign from their jobs, they decide to faced a new horizon as netpreneur, they decide to give more attentions to kutukutubuku.com.

My salutation for Ollie, Christine and Angel, and God Bless to all your move, success always!

Syukuran Kutukutubuku.com

from left to right: Angel, Ollie, Boyd (tokohelm.com), Christine, Nukman Lutfie (CEO Virtual Consulting), Catur PW (tokohelm.com)

Tumpeng Syukuran Kutukutubuku.com

God Bless, for New Office Opening Kutukutubuku.com

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Photo’s by Ollie (Salsabeela)

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  1. Bagaimana ya teman-teman kutukutubuku.com bertahan di pasar toko buku online yang sangat banyak pemainnya itu? Salut buat mereka … :)

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