Indonesian Blogger Party 2007 – Online Report

Today i will going to Blogger Party 2007 located in Blitz Megaplex .
All set and ready, the event organizer predict that participant will be very loaded. It is now only 65 seats available for reserved participant that already confirm by email, so it is possible that not all reserved participant get his seats.

Thanks God i already have Pass Code (100 first free participant) to enter the event, thanks to my dotcom Master Nukman Luthfie that recommended myself to attend the blogger party.

Can’t wait to see my beloved friends and business partner on action in blogger party, Nukman Lutfie, Adrianto Gani and Ndoro Kakung (mas Wicak). I know how really good their works, i recommended you to view the live report and past event report about them.

And also my blogger friends such as dihantui Tuhan (mas Anggun), Orangemood (mas Andy), Salsabella (Ollie, Bajing Loncat (mas Pitra), cordiaz and many others, i will see you there.

ok, i should be ready right now to go to Blogger Party. Meanwhile you can read the live report about blogger party in Pesta Blogger Live!

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