October 27, 2007 – An Indonesian Blogger Day’s

Today, on the opening of the "Pesta Blogger 2007" at Blitz Megaplex in Jakarta, Minister for Communications and Information Mohammad Nuh declared National Bloggers’ Day (Oct 27, 2008).

clipped from thejakartapost.com

Blogging party gets official stamp of approval

Mustaqim Adamrah, The Jakarta Post, Jakarta

Bloggers and internet publishing in Indonesia gained new legitimacy Saturday when Communications and Information Minister Muhammad Nuh declared Oct. 27 National Bloggers Day.

The announcement was made at Pesta Blogger (blogger party) 2007, Indonesia’s first large meeting of bloggers, which around 500 people attended.

"I can see today the Indonesian blogger community is developing the use of IT facilities and filling information gaps in the country with blogging," the former rector of East Java’s November 10 Institute of Technology said.

He said the gathering and blogging were both "revolutionary" and deserved support.

"Blogs can be educational, empowering and enlightening. That’s why I can guarantee you curbing blogs will never happen in this country," said Nuh.

  blog it

Thanks to unspun for clipmarks info. :)

Jakarta, Indonesia is top cities for blogging!: according to BusinessWeek, Jakarta, Indonesia is on par with cities like Beijing, Mumbai, Montreal, Philadelphia as one of the Top 30 cities for blog postings and comments activity! (thanks Bang Enda for the info link)

Pesta Blogger 2007, "The New Voice of Indonesia" as new Inspiring spirit, where prularist ideas will raise and full-fill our information needed.

Through blog it is time to us to speak, expresing our thought and participating in global information support. (as Enda Nasution said as chairman Pesta Blogger 2007)

Thanks Maverickand Bubu.com for this inspiring event and Thanks to All "Pesta Blogger" Steering Committe , Mas Budi Putra, Ndoro Kakung, Fatih, Mas Nukman, Bang Wimar (Pesta Blogger Party Moderator), Priyadi, Lita, Ong Hock Chuan, Mbak Shinta dan Mas Yosef Ardi , Good Work you do here, we all (indonesian bloggers) thanks you and a big appreciation for all of you.

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Me and my friend Andy OrangeMood

with Wimar Witoelar as Moderator on Blogger Party 2007 and Senior Blogger

with Priyadi and Nukman Lutfie My Great Mentor All the time.

My Photos with Indonesian Seleblogist, Me with Maylaffayza (left picture) and Me with Nila Tanzil (right picture).

Using Indonesian language or English language , don’t be afraid to wrong typing on your blog. Just Express about your-self and tell the world about it! ~ Maylaffayza at blogger party 2007

with My Friend Pitra (Bajing Loncat Media Ide) Very inspiring blogger.

More Photos’ at Flickr "Pesta Blogger 2007"

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