Create your team of brand evangelists! knowledge from 2007 Global Telesummit: A Brand You World

Today November 8th a 24 hours of free teleseminars are globally conducted with experts in the field of personal branding.

It is a great event to mark the 10th Anniversary of personal branding "Tom Peters‘ article: The Brand Called You " written in Fast Company".

Started 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time or exactly 10.00PM Indonesian, i start to follow Guy Kawasaki presented 1st Session "Evangelizing Evangelists to Build a Business and Build Your Brand"

In this panel, Guy asking other top marketing and business experts (Krisna De, Tim DeMello ,John Jantsch and Andy Sernovitz) to share their perspectives on how they have created buzz and used new technology to build their own brands and create their own team of brand evangelists.

As discussion flows, Guy asking all panelist about their Most Admired Personal Brand, well-known successful personal brand that admired by these top marketing and business experts are Donald Trump, Steve Jobs, and Richard Bransons (Me myself as Seth Goddin Admirer)

Jobs and Brandsons are sample of most succesfull personal branding, in the business world are associated with a big-time corporate brand, accept Donald Trump since he’s named his properties after himself (martin jelsema –

All agree that everybody have their own brand, but there is no "AND" Brand, a person are branded with one brand, choose your target brand on your personal  brand development and then focused on enhancing and elevating it!

As building brand through blog, we must know that it is a continuously process, and still need to be focused on the topic of branding, for example here when your target are to be well-known as marketing expert we must enrich and focused our blog with marketing topics.
people will decide them self to know you by your brand image on your blog posting, after that, there is no more "who are you?" such kind questions. It’s much easier to create team of brand evangelists, right!

In the end, i just said it was a globally priceless experience for myself to be participant on this global telesummit event. Many thanks to Megan Fitzgerald for the invitation and info about the event. It is truly Global Knowledge spread world-wide live through telesummit

Ok my friend, are you ready to build  your own personal brand?
Create  your team of brand evangelists right now!

It’s all there in your own hand to Start!

All session of Global Telesummit Records are Availabe thanks for Conference Calls Unlimited

These lines are in Texas, United States

Line One
Conference Dial-In Number: +1 512-597-6331
Participant Access Code: 874145#

Thanks for Skype that bring clear global telesummit voice into my PC for only $0.02/minutes or for about $1.2/hour . (Cheapest long distance i ever use, Indonesia to America for only $1.2/hour?? WOW!!)
(I love Skype!!)

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  1. mas catur.. mohon maaf banget baru bales sekarang.. mohon maaf banget juga kemarin ga inget sama sekali tentang global telesummit.. 2 minggu ini saya banyak ujian dan tugas-tugas kelompok.. jadinya terlupa deh..

    ada tulisan report atau review tentang acara itu ga ya?

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