Google love You very much! (online personal branding development tools)

One of the main goals of online personal branding development is to be world-wide well-known. There is no more regional limitations, time and place. Your brand will fast, free spread at online medias.

As the largest search engine on the web and major directories, Google Definitely are our best friend for our brand development progress.

Each day google receives several hundred million queries through its various services. google doing your hardest jobs that is collecting a huge database of your brand market audience, gathering content from our blog and site, And now, all you gonna do is filtering the database to find the best suitable market and optimizing your message that shows on your online medias such as website or blog.

Google love You very much, they create so many free services to help you promote your brand through online medias. Here are some:

google love you very much

Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics:
Use this service today and get started to creating targeted ROI-driven marketing campaign and improving your site/blog design and content.
from google analytics you can manage the result for:

Google AlertsGoogle Alerts:
Choose your queries or topics, and create Alert to have your latest topics relevant google search result, such as news, webs, etc.
Some handy uses of Google Alerts include:

  • monitoring a developing news story
  • keeping current on a competitor or industry
  • getting the latest on a celebrity or event
  • keeping tabs on your favorite sports teams

Google Blog Search Google Blog Search:
Find blogs on your favorite topics, match the topics into your expertise. find current blogs on your most interested subjects. Then you can start create a new professional networking with other blogs or sites that shows on

Google Co-opGoogle Co-op:
Create your own custom google search engine. Customize your search engine to make easier your search term, find specific search result that relate to your interested topics.

With Custom Search Engine, you can harness the power of Google to create a search engine tailored to your needs.

My Google Co-op:

My Google Co-op Custom Search Engine

Custom Search benefit for your personal branding development:

  • to drive more prospective visitor for your success on branding development.
  • to create your professional network and communities to contribute on the search engine development
  • if you are adsense publisher, a custom search triger more revenues on your Adsense for search.

Google TranslateGoogle Translate:
Go Global !! When marketers want to promote their new brand, or strengthen their existing brand to another regional countries, the big wall is "Language". With google translate, you can break this wall easily. Google translate single word, text or even a complete web pages into eleven languages.

Google Patent SearchGoogle Patent Search:
Check out google patent search result, to make sure that your brand already available. If so, you can do the next step to patent it (if necessary). Believe me, you don’t wanna spend your life-time working on other peoples patented brand.

Google NewsGoogle News:
Update your knowledge to catch-up fresh news on your professional expertise topics. You can event set up customised RSS feeds for the news subjects that interest you.

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10 thoughts on “Google love You very much! (online personal branding development tools)”

  1. Google with their great engineers doing a lot of hard work for us. And i think they deserve to be treated so good, and google inc. really tread them as their biggest business investment. So we should thanks google and their team for this cool services. 😉

    Check it up how google treat their employees at my friend blog at: Bagaimana rasanya bekerja di Google Inc. (How it’s feel to working at Google Inc.)

  2. hiyaaaaaaaaaaa………….. ini anak pintar amat ya….
    bage bage dikit donk kepintarannya sama ente entger kita ini


    cheerssss kawan, sukses ya.
    ingat2 ama kawan
    dan selalu bersahaja, ingat sama Tuhan….

  3. Thx for the info.
    this blog not only teach me about common personal branding, but bring us to new perceptions about personal branding..

    Good Great blog Catur

  4. Google still the leader for innovative free service. Branding with low interface than Yahoo, Google can beat the competitor.

    Google services such as, Google Analytic, News, Patent or Google Gadget, the Ideas is come from their employees not just come from Larry Page or Sergey Brin

  5. #Dan
    Agree with you. The most loved by Google are rich content website and most relevant content with your website goals.
    So find your uniqueness now, catch your target audience/ market as much as possible and be consistent in articles posting topics make it more relevant with your website goals.

    It’s help google identify what is your website about, and when people use google to search a topics that relevant with your website, the first gonna shows in google SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is your website/blog.

    Quite simple rite! :)

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