Direct Connecting to Heart Marketing

Friday, May 16, 2008. My Boss Hermawan kartajaya told me and other more than 100 markplus workshop participants about a story on his facebook account.

“This morning, someone new from my facebook contact propose me about a product he have. And I am sure all of the audience here can guess what is my answer.

Yes… the answer is “NO“.

” Think about this.
First, I don’t event needed the product
Second, He hardly express a hard-selling technique with me, although he is just connect with me yesterday.
Third, I don’t know anything about him. ”

” Well, I’m sure it will be a bit differ if he start it with a more polite ways. Getting more closer with me (offline or online ways), tell me more about the product with a very well maintained explaination.”

Well.. I guess My Boss decision for saying “NO” was best answer for this case. The Person that offering HK a product, it just get a introduction (skin-layer) and not yet trying to influence HK event far away from engaging with HK heart.

To explain this case, I create this “Direct Connecting to Heart Marketing” model to be a guide for building a good connectivity in term of personal branding development.

Direct Connect to Heart Marketing

The most easiest ways on creating connection with other people/ other company is by “Reach” them, you can use a phone, email, or blogwalking on their blog by commenting on others blog article.

But “Reach” is only the skin-layer of connection. It’s what I call an ordinary Introduction. It will gain nothing if we don’t follow it up with Inner-layer “Influencing” which is mean, more frequently interactivity with them. Let them know more about You, share interest topics each others, make your own red-line that bind both of you more closer.

And then you will realize that, You and them are ready to “Engage” Deeper-Layer, create more great opportunities, because you are their close-friend now, both of you are in one big family connected by heart and emotion.

So what happend when you sell/ offering something to them?

Well… it is not guarantee 100% they will buy your product/ service/ others offering. But be sure it will create a good consideration for them to accept your offering.

In personal brand we need to build this good connectivity, with other person or company.

We are now moving from just a personal brand building to personal brand engagement, in an effort to increase our good connectivity loyalty.

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