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Yodhia Antariksa - Strategic Management Blog - Blog Strategi ManajemenMy friend Yodhia Antariksa are now celebrating his 1000 blog subscribers of his great blog "Strategi + Manajemen" (Strategic Management Blog).

More subscriber registered on your blog article readers mean more opportunities to born blog evangelish, means more fan help you spread your words to the world.

Yodhia and I are the frequent reader of Nukman Luthfie blog, there i know about Yodhia, and we had meet once at Pesta Blogger 2007 at Blitz Megaplex Jakarta.

I remember July 24, 2007 when he announce though commenting on Nukman Luthfie blog about the launching of blog "Strategi + Manajemen" (Strategic Management Blog) to share his thoughts and knowledge with his blog reader about strategy and management.

1000 Blog Subscribers?… WOW!, that what i call a cool-achievement.

A notes from Yodhia habit on bloging, and how he is now reach 1000 subscribers:

  • Yodhia are a focus blogger, he always write about strategic and management as his major expertise.
  • Yodhia always put Awesomeness on each of his posting, on writing new posting, he always re-consider it again and again to make sure the post will be useful for his readers.

Now you can read his 3 Agenda of Awesomeness from "Strategi + Manajemen" blog by Yodhia special for the readers:

  1. Make 5-10 minutes reading Strategi + Management Blog as the most productive and memorable time for daily readers.
  2. Creating e-Book as Knowledge Gift for free, and freely to distribute it to others.
  3. Create a printed Book to full-fill readers knowledge thirst in Strategic + Management.

Great Works Yodhia, and Success for The Blog "Strategi + Manajemen"

What About You? Have Your Blog Share Awesomeness Yet?

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