Doing The Karen Cheng: a personal branding case study

Most woman agree that look beautiful with their style, clothes, hand bag and shoes, are very important. Especially when they need to go out and meet someone else. Woman are often spent ‘days’ in front of her mirror matching their dress with her favorite hand bag. From the days behind until now when i already marriage with my most beautiful wife “Septya Eka“, i’m still don’t understand about “woman” yet.

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by Karen Cheng

Karen Cheng, known as a beautiful, stylish and so full of joy for what life has to offer. Karen Cheng also has a BA Design / Advertising. She has worked as an art director, web designer and graphic designer, in Singapore and Australia.

What unique about Karen Cheng was her Facebook Group called “Doing The Karen Cheng” , contain the pose of woman dress-up and take their own picture in front of mirror.
It’s not so complicated photography with a photographer needed for the process, it is only you, digicam and a mirror as simple as that.

Soon this unique style of woman/man taking picture in front of mirror are becoming a new trend and recognize with the name “Doing The Karen Cheng”.

This is what i call, A Karen Cheng fun Virus, because it is spreading rapidly World Wide through internet, specially and of course from Karen Cheng blog. Many people doing the same way of Karen Cheng, and they enjoy it as a self expression.

I think that what Karen Cheng by what she doing on “Doing The Karen Cheng”, are now successfully delivered her personal brand image as unique style, fun and confidence young fashion expert woman.

“Doing The Karen Cheng” now become inspiration for other woman (man too..) world wide wide to be stylist, fun and confidence just like Karen Cheng.

Congratulation Karen Cheng for the “Doing The Karen Cheng” fun virus.

Take a look what Karen Chen already invected my friends in a good way :)

Photo by Angeline Anthony ( to the group “Doing The Karen Cheng

Are you interested to Doing The Karen Cheng too? Here is the tips, rules and idea:

Turn off the flash – or else you get bad glare!
If your pictures are blurry, hold the camera very still.
Still blurry? Then use the 2 second timer function on the camera to reduce the camera movement when you ‘click’.

The picture has to be taken into a mirror.
You have to be dress up nicely (or at least, unusually).
You have to have clothes on.
You have to show your face.
You have to include your name and location ( and url if you’ve got one).

Dressing room mirrors. Elevators. Café mirrors. Big windows. Chrome objects and surfaces.

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  1. Halo Mas. Apa kabar? Masih ingat saya? Kita pernah ketemu di tempatnya Pak Nukman waktu focus group discussion bersama Bu Amalia. Salam sukses selalu…

  2. mas Roni TDA kan?
    Btw, YM nya apa ya? kalo bisa krm japrie ke email saya.
    Sorry banget aku baru gabung milis TDA, jadi blm banyak berpartisipasi dalam milisnya.

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