Deliver your correct brand image message: A lesson from “Hancock” movie

Any who already watch Hancock movie, will get the red line message on it.
It’s about the important of delivering a correct brand image to public. A bad reputation of Superhero, is totally mess-up message, that does not relate into common superhero brand image.

Hancock Personal Branding

I already wrote at in indonesian language about Hancock Movie, so here i just put my conclusions:

1. Take care your Brand Image, and make sure it is delivering the correct message.

2. Do not under estimate an effect from Social Medias, and other konventional medias (TV, NewsPaper, Radio, etc.), make sure they all in our side for delivering correct brand image message. If they don’t, be quick to create brand image recovery.

So, is your brand image message delivered correctly?

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One thought on “Deliver your correct brand image message: A lesson from “Hancock” movie”

  1. I would rather watch a bad rep hero than good hero wannabe. I was disappointed by this movie. Another thing is that the way they see you is the way they will talk about you.

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