Personal Brand Measurement

Can you tell me how many people named “John” in this world?
Is your name “John” too? Is your neighbor named “John”? OMG. And how about at school? how many “John” are there?

So how can i found the correct information about you? Of course i’m googling it!
And you will surprise how many “John” i find out at word wide world searching.

There is a cool way to measure your personal brand at world wide web. It connect the volume and relevance of your online ID by

Personal Branding Online ID Calculator

Digitally Dissed
Information about you: less
Brand image relevancy: not relevant
Negative Brand image: some negative image

Digitally Disastrous
Information about you: enough
Brand image relevancy: less relevant
Negative Brand image: none

Digitally Dabbling
Information about you: very much
Brand image relevancy: some relevant, some don’t

Digitally Distinct
Information about you: a lot
Brand image relevancy: mostly all relevant

In this digital age, you must decide which face you want to show to the world – Dan Schawbel (personalbrandingblog), so make sure it is relevant with the face that you want to show to the world.

Wanna share about your personal brand measurement result?

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