FreSh – Freedom of Sharing (August 29, 2008)

That is the controversy video clip at YouTube perform by the Richter Scales’ “Here Comes Another Bubble”, a smart, clever sendup of Web 2.0 culture done to a Billy Joel tune “I didn’t start the fire”.
I don’t want to comment about the controversy, because it is solve already with version 1.1 of the video with (too-quick) credits at the end.

What interesting to me in this video was, the story behind this video clip, about a man who failed on the first dotcom bubble, and then he capture it smartly about google, facebook, digg, etc. And how high the success values of these companies today. They will never succeed without a great business planning, a solid teamwork, awesome programmer and designer, and many human resources that involve in the planning, sketching, developing and running the internet business.

Matt worried it gonna happened the second bubble, that will make all successfull dotcom businesses into ground zero. Are we ready for it?

It was not a joke and really need a hard works, all people in there are taking care each other as a solid teamwork, no matter they are business owner, geek programmer, web designer or event only an office boy that help you to buy lunches.

Today we are going to have a first FreSh (Freedom of Sharing) | Think . Act . Share ,meeting at Jakarta. A new community to build care each other, and share anything to improve our values, to prepare everything before it to late.

get FreSh! | Think.Act.Share
Pertemuan Perdana FRESH
Temans, nyok ikutan FreSh (Freedom of Sharing) | Think . Act . Share
Forum Lintas Profesi

Is it really gonna be another bubble? Let’s just wait, pray and hope we all ready to face it, and will survival just like Amazon did it on the first bubble.

Can we do it? Yes we can … with FreSh!


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