Narcissism 2.0 , smart way of conversation

New era of Narcissism is arrived now, when old narcissism is focused on self-appreciation and have a lot of negative images around it, then come Narcissism 2.0 that bring a smart way of conversation to communicate our brand to others.

FreSh! Freedom of Sharing | Think . Act . Share

FreSh! 2 “Narsisme 2.0” bring some example of smart way of conversation, using microbloging and self-generated T-Shirt. Nindya are successfully using plurk to support her online research, as her famous plurk account “KapKap” are surrounded by fantastic fans, it will bring more easyness on the research process. You can read her presentation about “6.22 Minutes at most” below:

After that, what Kukuh TW present about Self-Generated T-Shirt is a great example of Narcissism 2.0 and a smart way to present our narcissistic soul at Pesta Blogger 2008 hehe.. , Visit kukuh campaign about Self-Generated T-Shirt

Self Generated T Shirt

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own.

Some other great presenter at FreSh! 2 :
Digital Indonesia Rising” by Visnu K. Mahmud from Pulse Communications.
Blogging Competitions by Adeline Djelita from,

And a good short presentation by Rama Think web about Your Online Identity, that is very important these days, because it is represent your personal branding online.

Personal Branding at FreSh

FreSh Event (Tuesday, September 23, 2008) Supported by: FreSh! Community and Binus Business School Jakarta.

FreSh! Freedom of Sharing | Think . Act . Share

KapKap in action, some of FreSh! community and Nukman Luthfie tell us about how important to be smart choosing the way we talk in front of the audience, one audience is different to another, so it is need to be different way to communicate with them, be Smart!.

FreSh! Freedom of Sharing | Think . Act . Share

Catur PW, Satya Witoelar,, Anan, Rama, Kania and KapKap

FreSh! Freedom of Sharing | Think . Act . Share

FreSh! Community United.

Photo Credit by: Satya and Kania

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FreSh! 2 “Narsisme 2.0″

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