Matt Mullenweg – Chief of BBQ Taste Tester

In common corporate culture, the top leading person have a specific title like “The Chairman”, “CEO:Chief Executive Officer” or  “COO:Chief Operating Officer”, etc.
But not with Matt Mullenweg, the founding developer of WordPress, the blogging software that is used by thousands of bloggers and read by millions around the world. He is love to be call as a “CBTT:Chief of BBQ Taste Tester“.

Matt Mullenweg facebook fans page

“I Like BBQ” matt said to answer the question from WordCamp Indonesia 2009 participant about his official title at Automattic, inc. A privately held firm that is responsible for

In fact, all people that involve on wordpress developer all have funny titles like that . One colleague is “the Happiness Engineer“, another is “the Anti-Chaos Engineer“, one calls himself “the Band Manager“.

Mullenweg was named #16 of the 50 Most Important People on the Web by PC World. More important than Jerry Yang, David Filo, and Terry Semel (Executive Yahoo) at number #19 from the list.

And why Mullenweg do dare to playing with their official work title? Did he never worried it will give negative impact on his personal branding image as the founding developer of wordpress?
No, we will not worried about that litle thing, it’s because he believe that “A Personal Branding is not Your Job Title”.

And because Matt Mullenweg already successfully to create correct personal branding image as “founding developer of wordpress”, and he reinforce his personal branding all the time by doing WordCamp Campaign etc. related to wordpress all over the world.

Personal branding shouldn’t be an act. Choose a brand that matches who you are and that will be reinforced by you living your life the way you want to. Then make efforts to push yourself further in reinforcing your brand and growing the positive impact you leave on others around you. –

Matt has proven his expertise on wordpress development and he successfully influence peoples with his magic at wordpress have a dozens evangelish and follower, fans of WordPress.

Proven Expertise + Masive Influences = Successfull Personal Branding

It’s all about building a great influences about your expertise, in this case Mullenweg has already reach the massive influences, that multiplyed by his evangelish and follower, fans of WordPress all over the world, including Indonesia of Course 😉

catur pw & matt mullenweg (the founding developer wordpress)

special dinner with matt (the founding developer of wordpress)

See Other photos at facebook album “WordCamp Indonesia 2009

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