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I thing that the most difficult thing to learn is to learn about your-self, to know what do you want exactly, to understand what you need, and to describe what you want.

But as you know, it all about you and by your own perceptions.
And talking about personal branding, your own perceptions is not the most important, because “It’s not What You Say, It’s What They Say about You”, the most important now is their perceptions.

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I love learning more about personal branding, creating a personal branding matrix for all my goals, etc.
I always think that i’am a student of personal branding, i learn and learn more from my personal branding mentors.

Here some profiles of my personal branding mentors online, as mentioned in “50 Personal Branding Consultants Worth Working With” :

Dan Schawbel
Dan’s specialty is personal branding for members of Generation Y. He’s especially well known for his blog on personal branding, along with his book, Me 2.0: Build a Powerful Brand to Achieve Career Success.
Here my special interview with Dan Schawbel

Megan Fitzgerald
Megan works with expats and globally-minded professionals and entrepreneurs seeking a career or business that fits who they are and their international lifestyle.

Hajj Flemings
Hajj’s book, The Brand YU Life, covers branding in some depth. He also teaches personal brand management at Michigan Technological University, as well as speaking regularly about brand management.
Here my blog post about Hajj Flemings

Thanks to all my online mentors, for sharing your knowledge about personal branding.
Happy New Year 2010, I wish you all have a great of success in 2010

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