My Tweet Page and My Tweeps Measurement Tools

Ok, it is february now, rainy seasons still around the neighborhood, that made my daily activity a complete disaster, well.. not quite disastrous though 😛

On this february, i came into my new branding milestone, changing my twitter page theme, bold enough to state my personal branding statement on-become: social network and online community strategist.

I love networking, knowing someone else and share about fun topics.
Being in twitter, connecting with other tweep, it is really helping me on my purpose building a healthy valuable network, especially for my personal brand image.

There’s come up couple questions:

  • How do i know i tweet a valuable content on my twitter page?
  • How do i know which tweep (people on twitter) is good for me?

Well… i use these fantastic twitter measurement tools, that i recommended you to use it on your daily twitter networking activity.

is a fantastic application that visualize recent comment and tweet cloud between tweeps network, it is a fun way to find people that tweet about your interesting topics.
just play around with it, and you may find relevant tweep to follow!

SocialMap of Catur PW
Twitter Grader is a popular online tool for measuring the power, authority and reach of a Twitter user.

caturpw twitter grader

Social Mention
is a social media search and analysis platform that aggregates user generated content from across the universe into a single stream of information.
Real-time social media search and analysis: track and measure the Strengh, Sentiment, Tags about you.

Tori Eye’s
Tori’s eye is a Twitter visualization tool, inspired by papercraft and origami. It’s a visual and technical experiment implemented using only standard XHTML/CSS and Javascript.

Have Fun!!

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2 thoughts on “My Tweet Page and My Tweeps Measurement Tools”

  1. Hello mas Catur,

    Both social mention and mentionmap are REMARKABLE! Had never been reffered to them before.

    Social mention is quite an exhaustive resource to monitor public “brand” perception while mentionmap is a (IMHO) crucial additional arsenal to social media marketers who engage a lot of their audience through twitter (such as:

    Have you ever heard about That’s what I currently use. It gives both quantitative and good qualitative measurements for twitter activities. Have you ever tried it? Any opinion?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Btw, tema Fresh selanjutnya apa nih? 😀

  2. It is now very important to get know what others say about our brand.

    Topik FreSh selanjutnya? hemmm… just keep follow our group, then i well let u know arround 1-2 days before the event 😀

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