70.20.10 Rules!

I have it from Creativity shock! from a Creative Junkies “Yoris Sebastian”
70.20.10 Rules!

70.20.10 rules!

use 70 percent of your time to do on the thing that needed to fulfill your daily needs.
another 20 percent of your time to do on fun things that you interested in.
the rest 10 percent of your time to do on else things beside the 70 and 20

i think put the 70.20.10 rule in my daily activities, such as example on april 1, 2010.

(my 70 percent)
april 1, 2010. รƒโ€šร‚ย 10am – 12.pm
“meeting for my next social media business unit”

april 1, 2010. 1pm – 2pm
“lunch meeting with business partners”

(my 20 percent)
april 1, 2010. 3pm – 5pm
“attend the creative junkies book launch by yoris sebastian”

april 1, 2010. 7pm – 10pm
“Meet-up FreSh with FreSh friends”

(my 10 percent)
april 1, 2010. 11pm – 5pm
“felt a-sleep ๐Ÿ˜› … ”

Great Rule to follow, 70.20.10 Rules!!!


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