Dear Brand, please Quit Twitter Now!!

Devil face
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Dear brand, if you still have this following mindsets on your mind, please quit on Twitter.

#you are an old tasteful brand, no need new media
i have phone, what else i do needed..??

#you don’t care about connecting with customers
they already buy the goods, why do i should always be connected to them? such a waste a time.

#you don’t want to know what news out there
is there any misconceptions about my brand? i don’t want to know, the thing i want to know is my sales grows good!

#it’s most important is what you think, not what their think
many critics on twitterverse? not a big deal, they don’t know the real of my brand, i think my brand is the best brand in the world

#you love to bugging customers with bunch of information about brand
i have customers mailing list, and i always sent them daily dose of emails, as you know it is fun …

Basicaly twitter can be good on the correct hand, but it can be harmfull in the hand of devilious brand.

if you still have those mindsets, please quit twitter now!!

Be nice, be peacefull, mercy for forgiveness, this is the best month to start, on holly month of ramadhan 😉
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3 thoughts on “Dear Brand, please Quit Twitter Now!!”

  1. I hope there are lot of brand not quit after read Your post 😀

    Hope they can be more casual, can be more fancy, can be SOCIAL.

    Finally, can be truthful, be Personal which sometime can make a mistake.

    If Not, Brand please quit :)

  2. Salam Kenal dariku, nice artikel 😀 Sekalian mau bilang Met Puasa bagi yang puasa. Met sejahtera bagi yang gak njalanin. Semoga selamat & damai dimuka Bumi. Amin 😀

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