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When we talk about social web, it seem that people love to use it as conversation media. In indonesia big cities people are use, register and active on  social media base on “where my friends goes”, a habits from indonesian is following the major trends.

On this fact, Brand should notice it as an opportunity to engage with customers. where ever our customers making their conversation with others, brand should have their representative to watch the conversation flows. Of course it is must be followed by wise allocation on the brand resources for their on line activities.

Brand/Companies not engaging in social media as part of their online marketing strategy are missing an opportunity to reach consumers.

Thing to be noted that Brand should smart watching social media trend, have a good social media plan as part of their on line strategy plan. Be sure that if you/brand doesn’t Engage NOW… then prepare to DIE!

Below is my presentation on Digital Social Media Academy (DSMA) Class #akademiberbagi at detik.com

titled: How to engage customer on line (through social media)

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