Personal Branding and Social Media

60% Jobs info is come from Networking,
it’s about who you know and who know you.

Having a social media account is the best way to engaging conversation to spread the info about you to others. It bring networking in more fun way.

Head hunters and recruiter is now more aware about this social media power, less paper CV to read, more tree to save.
On the other side, jobs hunters have this major competition world wide, it social media.. globally accessible by anyone, friends, family, company, recruiters and event competitor.

Is it a SCARY fact? … NO.. It’s an OPPORTUNITY!

A savvy Jobs Hunters will use social media to engage conversation, building his personal branding image, make it more visible and STRONG! Through social media, having on-line networking with right people to know is a Peace-A-Cake.

So,  don’t be afraid to use social media as tools on your personal branding development.

Below is my presentation on Binus Career Personal Branding Seminar – Binus University Jakarta

titled: Be Clear.. Be Honest.. Be Visible, An on-line personal branding strategy through social media

A litle award from , my presentation are chosen as featured presentation on career category.

click to enlarge

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