“The future of marketing belonged to the generalists — the hybrids — not the specialists.
Business need to upgrade!”

Hi, my name is Catur Waluyo and I do the targeted, measurable, and interactive digital marketing for products or services using various digital marketing technique to reach and convert leads into sales and retain them to become your loyal customers.

I engage, involve, and inspire audiences of all sizes; helping individual or companies to better understanding about digital marketing are pillars of success that every company must take advantage of.

You are here in my landing professional profile, If you curious about what I can do for you or your business? I’d like to meet you in person to discuss your business needs.

Currently I am also open for any business opportunities and collaboration.


m. or wa. (62) 87883902820 | Skype: catur.pw
caturpw@gmail.com | www.caturpw.com


As The Hybrids Marketer practitian, I integrate the old and new marketing channels into one overall marketing strategy. I will possess the right combination of the right skills (understanding where the overlap in all core marketing channels exists) that will make me a force to be reckoned with. And that includes evolving tech skills such as Digital Marketing and Social Media.

The future of marketing belonged to the generalists — the hybrids — not the specialists. Business… Click To Tweet

To give the best service, I do enhance my Digital Marketing Skills and Knowledge, including Gamification strategy for a better customer engagement & loyalty.

Back In 2010, I founded Pingfans Digital Social Media Agency that bring me a valuable expertise about digital and social media industries in Indonesia.

Over 10 years of experience in digital and social media agencies, I helped companies shorten the learning curve and guide them on a strategic digital and social media path to success on many of the popular digital and social media platforms including, but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.



Hybrids Marketing ( Digital Marketing + Traditional Marketing )
Internet, Digital & Social Media Marketing & Strategy Development
Gamification for Customer Loyalty and Engagement
Community Engagement Optimization
Digital Marketing Training and Education

About Me

catur waluyo

Digital Marketer, Trainer & Speaker


m. / wa. : (62) 87883902820
skype: catur.pw
contact for inquiries: hi@caturpw.com

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