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Indonesian First Blogger Party 2007

date: 27th October 2007 place: Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesian bloggers are gathering on their first big event, Indonesian First Blogger Party 2007 It is our chance to meet the man behind great well-kown Indonesian blog such as “Blog Internet Marketing Indonesia“, “PecasNdahe Blog“, “Perspective by Wimar Witoelar” “Enda Nasution“, “Priyadi“, “Budi Putra“, and […]

Personal Branding Magazine – Volume 1, Issue 1

Dan Schawbel made his fantastic works on personal branding magazine, he gather author from whole World Wide, to create Personal Branding Magazine. This magazine is about you, your brand and your professional career development. Arrange from most expert authors from their specialist expertise, that will give us most values on your personal branding development. Catch […]

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