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Meet Mr. Philip Kotler: The Father of Marketing

Kotler comes to Jakarta, to attend his seminar and events, ASEAN Forum 2007, Philip Kotler Publik Institutonal Dinner Night on Marketing Indonesia 3.0, and some other formal institutional events. All hosted by MarkPlus, Inc. I am as part of MarkPlus, Inc. I meet him in the flesh. Very excited! Philip Kotler with MarkPlus, Inc. Consulting […]

Personal Branding Magazine – Volume 1, Issue 1

Dan Schawbel made his fantastic works on personal branding magazine, he gather author from whole World Wide, to create Personal Branding Magazine. This magazine is about you, your brand and your professional career development. Arrange from most expert authors from their specialist expertise, that will give us most values on your personal branding development. Catch […]

Traditional Advertising triggers Online Search

More than 90% of shoppers use the internet to research products before making final purchase decisions, but consumers said they were motivated to begin an online search only after viewing traditional forms of advertising such as magazine, newspaper and television ads. This, according to a recent analysis of BIGresearch’s Simultaneous Media Survey conducted for the […]

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