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Indonesian Independence Day – Build Your Never Give Up Spirit!

Sunday, August 17th, 2008

HUT Republik Indonesia ke 63It’s been 63rd Year Old, my beloved Nation declare our Independence Day ( August, 17, 1945). Release from colonialism, to become an independence nation.

Happy Birthday Indonesia ! God Bless You! and may it all the best for you. And may i would not disappointed you in every i do yesterday, today and the day in the future.

On Friday, August 15th, 2008, i attend on the TDA meeting, the launching of Reborn. Great business portal for Indonesian small medium enterprises, where i become the member of TDA. This group were awesome group, that have a great spirit on developing their great business, as their president Iim Rusyamsi said that it is a new history for TDA. It begin with a personal blog from Roni Yuzirman writing about enterpreneurship, and then continued to off line networking, then it born a brand new portal, as a result from collaboration with virtual consulting (nukman luthfie).

At TDA meeting, what Riyeke Ustadiyanto ( said that a new colonialism are now attacking our nation, make my fire nationalism flamed up. Keke (Riyeke) said that indonesian business website are being colonialism by other non-indonesian website, we are defeated in SEO on “indonesian tourism” related keywords, so when internet user are searching about indonesian tourism, they always pointed into non-indonesian travel agency, so the booking money are not going to indonesian.

I think it is not fair, but it is not their false too (non-indonesian travel agency website), but we can not stand here do nothing, what we should do no, is to fight it back, to gain the victory on our “SEO keywords”.

So it is right that indonesian already independence 63rd year ago, but the war never stop, we must war for SEO Keywords too. Well… the only difference on this war is, we don’t use hurt someone else, we do it on peace and full of respect and professionalism.

Happy Indonesian Independence Day, Build Your Never Give Up Spirit!

Deliver your correct brand image message: A lesson from “Hancock” movie

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Any who already watch Hancock movie, will get the red line message on it.
It’s about the important of delivering a correct brand image to public. A bad reputation of Superhero, is totally mess-up message, that does not relate into common superhero brand image.

Hancock Personal Branding

I already wrote at in indonesian language about Hancock Movie, so here i just put my conclusions:

1. Take care your Brand Image, and make sure it is delivering the correct message.

2. Do not under estimate an effect from Social Medias, and other konventional medias (TV, NewsPaper, Radio, etc.), make sure they all in our side for delivering correct brand image message. If they don’t, be quick to create brand image recovery.

So, is your brand image message delivered correctly?

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