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FreSh! 2 “Narsisme 2.0”

About “Narcissism”, from someone called narcissus who are lost his life passion because of his over self-admiring. Narcissism is always compared with some negative images, self-egoism, self-over proud, and many other negative expressions. But not at FreSh! 2, our next reFreSh!ment, here we will share and discuss about the good side of narcissism, using some […]

What they say about your Brand – Insights from the Blogosphere

Have you watch Mel Gibson movie "What Woman Want" , when Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) suddenly has the power to hear everything women are saying just because he zapped by electricity. Can you imagine that? He suddenly know what woman think about himself. The Bad mostly .. About how woman hate him when he insults […]

Improve Your English Grammar and Punctuation

It’s undoubtable, We must learn It! More ages, more people speaks it, It it a lingua franca English is dominant international language in communications, science, business, aviation, entertainment and diplomacy. (wiki’s) When your english are getting worse, then your message got a great barrier to successfully delivered. You must!.. and You MUST!! learn english language […]

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