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My friend Yodhia Antariksa are now celebrating his 1000 blog subscribers of his great blog "Strategi + Manajemen" (Strategic Management Blog). More subscriber registered on your blog article readers mean more opportunities to born blog evangelish, means more fan help you spread your words to the world. Yodhia and I are the frequent reader of […]

The Brand YU Life: Re-thinking who you are through personal brand management

Brand YU Life = Personal BrandingHajj E. Flemings, Author of ‘The Brand YU Life’/Speaker ‘The Brand YU Life’ is about creatively branding your life and re-thinking who you are though personal branding. It is a paradigm shift and a tool to help you create, define, and manage who you are, to eliminate the separation between […]

Google love You very much! (online personal branding development tools)

One of the main goals of online personal branding development is to be world-wide well-known. There is no more regional limitations, time and place. Your brand will fast, free spread at online medias. As the largest search engine on the web and major directories, Google Definitely are our best friend for our brand development progress. […]

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