What they say about your Brand – Insights from the Blogosphere

Have you watch Mel Gibson movie "What Woman Want" , when Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) suddenly has the power to hear everything women are saying just because he zapped by electricity. Can you imagine that? He suddenly know what woman think about himself. The Bad mostly .. About how woman hate him when he insults […]

Talking Personal Branding with Dan Schawbel (a special interview)

This month, August 2007, i got this special online interview with Dan Schawbel, a 23 year old marketing consultant, business owner, web designer, and market strategist, he’s satisfying clients such as Reebok, Lycos, LoJack, and TechTarget Prior to EMC2 in 2006. He has owned a web design business, GlobalSportsVillage.com. His Very Special interest on personal […]

Meet Mr. Philip Kotler: The Father of Marketing

Kotler comes to Jakarta, to attend his seminar and events, ASEAN Forum 2007, Philip Kotler Publik Institutonal Dinner Night on Marketing Indonesia 3.0, and some other formal institutional events. All hosted by MarkPlus, Inc. I am as part of MarkPlus, Inc. I meet him in the flesh. Very excited! Philip Kotler with MarkPlus, Inc. Consulting […]

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