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September 18th, 2007 by catur pw

It is not easy to create an online business, it is need a lot of hard work and strong dedications.
Ollie, Christine and Angel started on 2006, they start it while working in well-known IT consultant company.

But now, as business growing, need more attentions, and as result Ollie and Angel choose to well-resign from their jobs, they decide to faced a new horizon as netpreneur, they decide to give more attentions to

My salutation for Ollie, Christine and Angel, and God Bless to all your move, success always! faced a new horizon

from left to right: Angel, Ollie, Boyd (, Christine, Nukman Lutfie (CEO Virtual Consulting), Catur PW ( faced a new horizon

God Bless, for New Office Opening

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Photo’s by Ollie (Salsabeela)

What they say about your Brand – Insights from the Blogosphere

September 7th, 2007 by catur pw

Have you watch Mel Gibson movie "What Woman Want" , when Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) suddenly has the power to hear everything women are saying just because he zapped by electricity.

Can you imagine that? He suddenly know what woman think about himself.
The Bad mostly .. About how woman hate him when he insults women, tells offensive chauvinistic jokes, and generally goes out of his way to offend woman.

Very shocking when other people got negative image from you, am I rite! .

But he got positive insight about his personal branding directly from reliable source, so in next he can fix it.
As result, now Nick become most understandable caring person, and woman love him a lot, event he can turning competitor into great friend.

In real world, that such miracle doesn’t happen so easily like that. To have a good customer insight, we need to conduct a full FGD research or Ethnographic research and  Netnographic research for internet user.

Here by this article I want to share with you about finding a good insight from blogosphere.

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