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Tokohelm.Com awarded as “Best Design” Partner of The Year 2007 V2 Virtual Vending

September 3rd, 2007 by catur pw

Thanks to V2 Virtual Vending for Awarding Tokohelm.Com as Partner of The Year 2007 Category Best Design.
Awarding Night, August 31, 2007, at Virtual Vending (V2) 2nd Partner Gathering at Club House Pavillion Apartment, Jakarta.

Tokohelm.Com awarded as Best Design Partner of The Year 2007 V2 Virtual Vending 

V2 Virtual vending is online ads media which have hundreds of partner site as their vending machine placement, so the advertiser have hundreds point of purchase. It’s really good offering. focusing on helmet and motor accessories selling online base on Indonesian market. And so far, its brand building image position online are great, you may read more about them at [ TokoHelm.Com ] No. 1 di Indonesia, toko helm dan aksesori motor online

Tokohelm.Com awarded as Best Design Partner of The Year 2007 V2 Virtual Vending

Tokohelm.Com (1st) by Catur PW and Babarafi.Com (2nd) by Hendy Setiono (owner and president director) awarded as Best Design Partner of The Year 2007 V2 Virtual Vending

Tips to choose your “link love” partners

September 1st, 2007 by catur pw
Tips to choose your link love partners
© Jox

Link Love is an unsolicited a link post between sites or blogs that you enjoy about it, admire it or you personaly find useful for you and for other people who might visit the site.

Everyone knows that links are great for our blog popularity and ranking, in order to get the top position on search engine result.

You see, More links means more traffic, increased page rank, and have a deep indexing on search engine. And there is no barrier between your blog and search engine top result.

Link love creating an evangelists community to increase your blog popularity, it’s good if their blog topics is the same as your blog topics, but it’s will not made any significant impact if the blog topics is way different from yours. And event worse, it might harm your blog popularity if we do a link love with a banned blog.
Just remember, not all links are good for our blog, we must be clever to choose link quality over link quantity.

Here a simple tips to choose your link love partners:

  1. Find a related topics blogs (check the blog at, and make sure the tags shows the same topics with yours)
  2. Makes sure the blog address is not banned by search engine. ( Check their search engine recognization by typing the full address of the blog into search engine, and if it shows some result, then it’s ok to be choosen as link love partner. )
  3. All inbound link are great for link love. (it’s driving traffics to our blog)
  4. Higher Page Rank blog give us a bigger link love, you can check the page rank of website/ blog from

ok, i hope this can helps, any additional tips? you’re welcome to add below

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