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Tips to choose your “link love” partners

September 1st, 2007 by catur pw
Love Line
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Link Love is an unsolicited a link post between sites or blogs that you enjoy about it, admire it or you personaly find useful for you and for other people who might visit the site.

Everyone knows that links are great for our blog popularity and ranking, in order to get the top position on search engine result.

You see, More links means more traffic, increased page rank, and have a deep indexing on search engine. And there is no barrier between your blog and search engine top result.

Link love creating an evangelists community to increase your blog popularity, it’s good if their blog topics is the same as your blog topics, but it’s will not made any significant impact if the blog topics is way different from yours. And event worse, it might harm your blog popularity if we do a link love with a banned blog.
Just remember, not all links are good for our blog, we must be clever to choose link quality over link quantity.

Here a simple tips to choose your link love partners:

  1. Find a related topics blogs (check the blog at, and make sure the tags shows the same topics with yours)
  2. Makes sure the blog address is not banned by search engine. ( Check their search engine recognization by typing the full address of the blog into search engine, and if it shows some result, then it’s ok to be choosen as link love partner. )
  3. All inbound link are great for link love. (it’s driving traffics to our blog)
  4. Higher Page Rank blog give us a bigger link love, you can check the page rank of website/ blog from

ok, i hope this can helps, any additional tips? you’re welcome to add below

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Talking Personal Branding with Dan Schawbel (a special interview)

August 24th, 2007 by catur pw

Dan Schawbel - A Personal Branding SpecialistThis month, August 2007, i got this special online interview with Dan Schawbel, a 23 year old marketing consultant, business owner, web designer, and market strategist, he’s satisfying clients such as Reebok, Lycos, LoJack, and TechTarget Prior to EMC2 in 2006. He has owned a web design business,

His Very Special interest on personal branding, this is the way i found his blog. as you know, I am recently interested to develop my own personal branding image, to introduce who i am to my friends, clients and others professionals arround the globe. while sharing with others about personal branding. Then i start to know about Schawbel, and become his loyal blog readers. And now He is my best friend at online neighbourhood, he open my mind a wide-open about personal branding, he just like my mentor on my personal branding development.

Personal brand in wood type
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On august 1, 2007 Schawbel launches a personal branding magazine, that developed from many Great Contribution from Great Peoples, such as Guy Kawasaki, Neil Patel, Lyn Chamberlin and others Great Authors. And he donating the magazine proceeds to the American Cancer Society.

And take a don’t you miss to read also, his great articles Successful Networking Through Personal Branding on and Personal Branding – Changing the Game on

Schawbel is a personal branding force of nature. And force of nature isn’t just meant metaphorically.
Even though Schawbel works full-time in marketing for EMC2 , he manages to find time to comment on virtually every personal branding blog.
Wendy Marx • Public Relations/Marketing Communications • President, Marx Communications, Inc. taken from Fast Company Blog

And here is my Interview with Dan Schawbel, i hope it can deliver a great perspective to you about how important a personal branding is, just like he did it to me. Enjoy!

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