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Be a Smart Listener on Social Media!

Saturday, October 9th, 2010

I remember the movie “What Women Want”, a romantic movie directed by Nancy Meyers and starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt.

Nick Marshall (Mel Gibson) electrocuting himself on a little accident with his electric hairdryer during his shower. A somewhat chauvinistic advertising executive Nick, suddenly turning haywire and enables him to hear what women think (his target market customers).

Nick realize that his “gift” let him know the best insight from his target customers. He listen those noise carefully to help the business decision on developing corporate products.

Life is becoming so beautiful if marketers have a “gift” like Nick. All sound from their customers mind are clearly speakable, all product will meet what customer need, and we all can say a good bye-bye for word “complaints”.

Unfortunately, it’s only happen on movies, because in the real world customer mind is a big mystery, and everyone willing to pay a big cash just to hear a lil part of that valuable voices.

On the movie nick become so dizzy when he walk through a room with a full of woman, because everybody mind on those room is speak and event yelling to him. It is pretty the same when we talk about social media where your customer, client, partners, employees or event competitors are talking.

if you ignore them, a thousand meteors will fall from the sky to crush your bone… hehe…

When people talks, it is time to you to start listen them, if you do nothing, you’ll gonna miss a bunch of good opportunities or event worst to late to knowing that your company is facing a huge management crisis.

Thing will be very different when you take a good listen to your market where ever they talking, including at social media, but remember to take a good listen, and be prepare with a good strategy to decide what topic to listen first.

For last but not least.

Be a Smart Listener on Social Media!

Below is my presentation on DSMA (digital social media academy) class #akademiberbagi at

titled: Belajar Mendengar dengan menggunakan Kuping Digital (baca: Social Media)

learn to listen with digital ears (social media)

Belajar mendengar dengan "kuping digital" from catur pw