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Online atau Offline?

“Let’s go online, it’s cheap and more effective. No.. Offline is the best, it is dirrect and fast result.” Sebuah percakapan yg sering saya dengar belakangan ini ketika saya berdiskusi dengan klien, mendebatkan strategi promosi yg paling efektif dan efisien untuk membangun karakter brand mereka. sebagian ngotot jaman new wave seperti sekarang yg penting promo […]

Upaya Horisontalisasi Media Konvensional

Selasa Malam, sebuah program referensi pemilu indonesia oleh metro tv “Suara Anda” membahas tentang “Efek Ketokohan Terhadap Pilihan Partai“. Ada 2 hal yg menarik perhatian saya dalam acara ini: Topik tentang “Efek Ketokohan Terhadap Pilihan Partai” menyajikan hasil survey yg membuktikan bahwa di Indonesia kultur pengidolaan tokoh masih sangat kuat. Jadi siapapun yg berhasil menjual […]

The Conversation Prism

Conversations are taking place with or without you and this map will help you visualize the potential extent and pervasiveness of the online conversations that can impact and influence your business and brand – Brian Solis It’s about people, community and social networks. Cool resources from BrianSolis.com Brian Solis is Principal of FutureWorks, an award-winning […]

Google love You very much! (online personal branding development tools)

One of the main goals of online personal branding development is to be world-wide well-known. There is no more regional limitations, time and place. Your brand will fast, free spread at online medias. As the largest search engine on the web and major directories, Google Definitely are our best friend for our brand development progress. […]

Recording and Podcast of “A Brand You World – 2007 Global Telesummit”

After successful event "A Brand You World – 2007 Global Telesummit" with so many professionals get involve in this events, globally connected through single phone line. Thanks for Conference Calls UNLIMITED who participate as Gold Sponsor on this event. And now all global telesummit recording and podcast are available. Some must listen recording:Use Personal Branding […]

Create your team of brand evangelists! knowledge from 2007 Global Telesummit: A Brand You World

Today November 8th a 24 hours of free teleseminars are globally conducted with experts in the field of personal branding. It is a great event to mark the 10th Anniversary of personal branding "Tom Peters‘ article: The Brand Called You " written in Fast Company". Started 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time or exactly […]

Indonesian First Blogger Party 2007

date: 27th October 2007 place: Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta, Indonesia Indonesian bloggers are gathering on their first big event, Indonesian First Blogger Party 2007 It is our chance to meet the man behind great well-kown Indonesian blog such as “Blog Internet Marketing Indonesia“, “PecasNdahe Blog“, “Perspective by Wimar Witoelar” “Enda Nasution“, “Priyadi“, “Budi Putra“, and […]

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