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My Tweet Page and My Tweeps Measurement Tools

Ok, it is february now, rainy seasons still around the neighborhood, that made my daily activity a complete disaster, well.. not quite disastrous though 😛 On this february, i came into my new branding milestone, changing my twitter page theme, bold enough to state my personal branding statement on-become: social network and online community strategist. […]

Bob Sadino Gila!

Spontan, no-strategy, just take action! Baru kali ini saya bertemu dengan Bob Sadino. Sosok personal brand yg unik dan nyleneh. Banyak pemikirannya yang cenderung terbalik dengan common people. Berawal dari jualan Telur dari pintu ke pintu, pengusaha sukses Kemfood dan Kemchick ini hadir di Milad TDA ke-3 untuk sharing tentang entrepeneurship. Pada awal sharing, beliau […]

Deliver your correct brand image message: A lesson from “Hancock” movie

Any who already watch Hancock movie, will get the red line message on it. It’s about the important of delivering a correct brand image to public. A bad reputation of Superhero, is totally mess-up message, that does not relate into common superhero brand image. I already wrote at Kolumnis.com in indonesian language about Hancock Movie, […]

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