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A Brand You World – 2007 Global Telesummit (open for FREE registration)

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

Early November 2007, my friend Megan Fitzgerald send me an email about a great event for personal branding development. A Brand You World: 2007 Global Telesummit , a telesummit is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of personal branding by providing 24 hours of free teleseminars with experts in the field of career management, business development and personal branding.

This is a great opportunity to you, to develop your personal branding more intensive with a great insight from global personal branding professionals alive from your phone.

Hear them speak and discussion, and learn more about your personal branding potential development.

Below is my online interview with Megan, regarding this great event "A Brand You World: 2007 Global Telesummit"

1) What is Brand You World: 2007 Global Telesummit?

This telesummit is celebrating the 10th Anniversary of personal branding by providing 24 hours of free teleseminars with experts in the field of career management, business development and personal branding. Anyone in the world with a telephone will be able to participate in this live event.

Besides working to empower professionals, entrepreneurs, business leaders by providing the latest in personal branding strategies, the event also hopes to raise 100,000 USD in donations and loans to our social cause partner KIVA.  KIVA allows people to make small loans to a specific low-income entrepreneur in the developing world to help realize their vision, goals and desire for success.  Kiva’s approach to economically empowering others is a new, direct and sustainable way to fight global poverty.

2) How will this event help us build our own personal brands?

Whether you are a professional, entrepreneur, business leader or involved in HR, you will be learning about specific and actionable strategies to help build your personal brand.  When applied properly, these strategies will help you leverage your strengths and your unique value to maximize the real impact YOU can have in your career, your business and the world around you.

3) When is the Telesummit?  

The event is November 8th.  There will be two teleseminars running concurrently for a period of 12 hours, commencing at the following times:
7 am Los Angeles
10am New York
3pm  London
4pm Paris
10pm Singapore

4) Can you tell us about the different content streams at the Telesummit? And who do you think should attend?

There are three content streams – each designed for a different audience:

The Career Management Stream is for Professionals, Career Coaches and Resume Writers. They will learn how to use personal branding to improve their professional success. There will be nine sessions and three discussion panels.

The Talent Management Stream is for HR Professionals and Business leaders.They will learn to attract, develop and retain talent through the application of personal branding strategies. There will be five sessions and one discussion panel.

The Entrepreneurship Stream is for Business Owners and Solopreneurs. They will learn to apply personal branding strategies to grow their business. There will be five sessions and one discussion panel.

5) Who’s will be speaking at this event? Why were they
chosen as a speakers?

The following people were chosen because of their thought leadership in using personal branding as a powerful tool in career management, employee empowerment and business development.

I have tried to share a few words on each, though clearly the best way to appreciate their expertise is to visit the telesummit website to learn more and attend the event!

From the Entrepreneur Stream…

Debbie Weil –  Corporate and CEO blogging consultant and soon to be the Corporate Blogging queen of not just the English speaking world, but also of Italy and China (her book was just published in Italian and Chinese – brava!), Debbie will talk about how to build a great business blog.

David Meerman Scott – Technology has revolutionized the way that we a communicate our brands.  David is going to share with the new rules that we need to follow if we plan on winning big in the world of online thought leadership and viral marketing.

Neville Hobson – With over 25 years of experience using new and emerging technology tools, this accredited communication practitioner and one of Europe’s leading adopters and influencers in social media will be sharing his insights into using communication technologies to build your personal brand to achieve business goals.

T Scott Gross – The author of “Positively Outrageous Service”, with extensive experience across various jobs and sectors, is going to explain how to use microbranding to amplify our marketing budgets.

Guy Kawasaki – In my humble opinion of the the great entrepreneurial thinkers of his time, but also author of The Art of the Start, a columnist at Entrepreneur magazine, and the person who redefined the word evangelist as we know today – he will be leading a panel on evangelizing evangelists to build your business and build your brand. Visit Guy online at or

Those who will speak on this topic include:

  • Andy Sernovitz – a marketing innovator, an expert in blogging and creating buzz, and author of The Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies get People Talking
  • Krishna DeIreland’s leading corporate, employer and personal branding strategist and author/host of, and
  • John Jantsch – even when extremely busy he still is generous with his time, award winning blogger and author of Duct Tape Marketing: The World’s Most Practical Small Business Marketing Guide. His Duct Tape Marketing Blog was chosen as a Forbes favorite for small business and marketing and is a Harvard Business School featured marketing site.
  • Tim Demello, serial entrepreneur and the founder, Chairman and CEO of Ziggs, Inc. – your one-stop source for creating and managing your online brand.

From the Talent Management Stream…

Catherine Kaputa – Founder of SelfBrand and author of U R A BRAND! will talk about how smart people can become even more successful and bring benefit to their companies at the same time. Catherine is the founder of SelfBrand, a New York City-based brand-strategy firm.

Susan Whitcomb – Founder of the Leadership Coach Academy, Career Coach Academy and Assessment Academy, as well as a prominent figure in the world of career management, will share how branding can unleash employee motivation and productivity. Whitcomb is the founder of Leadership Coach Academy, Career Coach Academy, and Assessment Academy and the former Executive Director of the Career Management Alliance.

Stewart Emery –  The Father of the Human Potential Movement will be sharing the insights about how more than 300 top leaders have left their mark on the world.

Liz Ryan –  Workplace columnnist for BusinessWeek Online and Yahoo! Hot Jobs networking expert will share about how organizations and individuals can work together to build mutually supportive brands.

For the Career Management Stream…

William Arruda – Positive, passionate and energizing, co-author of “Career Distinction” and THE Personal Branding Guru will be sharing his 3 step process to building a winning personal brand.  I had the privilege of meeting and hearing him speak in Rome recently – this is a DO NOT MISS session!

Carol Wilson –  International coaching and leadership consultant and Honorary Vice President of the Association of Coaching will share with us the knowledge and experience she accrued while working with Sir Richard Branson and Polygram.

Jason Alba –  Author of “I’m on Linked In — Now What??”, creator of, and just one of the coolest people I know, Jason is going to tell you how to take your online personal brand from zero to 60 – and have fun doing it.

Dick Bolles –  Author of “What Color is Your Parachute?” is going to explain how his book, which has shaped many peoples’ lives, helped him shape his own personal brand.

Anita Bruzzese – Author of “45 Things you do that Drive your Boss Crazy and how to Avoid Them” is going to explore the ways in which finding and developing your personal brand can help your career.

Silvia Cambie – Author of the blog “XCulture” will help you identify and nurture the skills required to build a personal brand that will operate successfully in a cross-cultural context.

Phil Gerbyshak – “The Relationship Geek” and author of the book “10 Ways to Make it Great!” is going to tell you how to take your brand to the next level so there is no doubt you stand out!

Andrea Kay – Author of “Life’s a Bitch and then You Change Careers” will discuss changing your career to pursue your personal brand.

Martin Yate – Author of “Knock Em Dead: The Ultimate Job Search Guide” is going to give us some new tools to get back in the fight in today’s new world of work.

Kirsten Dixson – Tech saavy and entrepreneurial minded, co-author of “Career Distinction” and THE authority on building credible online identities for career success, Kirsten will teach you how to assess your online identity and build your brand online. Visit Kirsten online at

Thebe Ikalafeng –  South Africa’s “Mr. Brand” will discuss how, in this new age of mass individualization, you can align your personal brand with your world, work and passions.

Susan Guarneri – Known as the Career Assessment Goddess, with more than 20 years of experience in career consulting, this forward-thinking, inspiring expert is going to lead a panel to discuss personal branding as it relates to professional bios, curriculum vitae (CVs) and resumes.

The panelists include:

  •  – Deb Dib – America’s CEO Coach who partners with visionary, gutsy, fun and ethical six and seven figure executives will share her expertise on writing branded resumes for executive power brands. Visit Deb online at or Career Hub.
  •  – Bernadette Martin – Leveraging her 15 year career working with corporate brands to help her clients build compelling personal brands, the founder of Visibility Branding will share her insights into writing a branded professional bio
  •  – Megan Fitzgerald – The Expat Career and Entrepreneur Coach, having worked with professionals and entrepreneurs from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Latin America and the Middle East, will share her thoughts on branding your curriculum vitae (CV). Visit Megan online at and

6) How we can register and attend this event?

Since it is a telesummit, you can “attend” the event by simply registering on the event website –   All sessions are FREE

After you register, you will be provided with telephone number and access code that you can use to call in and access the sessions in which you are interested.

Known as the Expat Career and Entrepreneur Coach, Megan Fitzgerald  She helps expatriate professionals and entrepreneurs use their personal brand to customize a career or business that fits who they are and their international lifestyle.

Having designed a rewarding, portable career and business that supports her choice of international living, Megan uses her 15 years of experience in career and business development, her multiple degrees and certifications,  and a creative, entrepreneurial approach to help fellow expats build a more fulfilling professional life abroad. Her clients are from across the globe – she has worked with professionals and entrepreneurs from Africa, Asia, Europe, North and Latin America and the Middle East.  Her passion for learning, travel, culture and service has taken her to over 25 countries on 5 continents to live, work or play.

Megan has been featured in several expatriate publications including Italy Magazine. She is a member of the International Coach Federation and the Career Management Alliance.  You can learn more about Megan at and

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